The financial guide for millennial

Who are millennial and why are they important

This article isn’t going to give you any quick tools to success, but a sure shot, three step method to become independent. Millennial are a generation born after 1980’s and up to mid 1990’s.  Why are they important? Because millennial account for a third of India’s population and 47% of its work force as per a report from live mint but more importantly they are looked upon as a generation that’s going to bring in happiness and success. Even with all this support, millennial still struggle with financial advice, .hence read on below for some wise advice on how to manage money. If there’s one word describing millennial, it’s confusion. Confusion regarding finances, future, the list is endless. As a large part of working population, millennial have already found out that our parent’s advice of saving to get rich is getting us nowhere.

How does an asset differ from a liability

The first step here is recognizing/differentiating an asset from a liability. Let’s take an example here, how many millennial know the difference between an asset and a liability? How many know how to use assets to generate income? As Indians it is engraved in our mindset that our house is an asset, but is it really one? As ace investor Robert Kiyosaki says an asset is something that puts money in your pocket and a liability takes money out of your pocket. This leads us to directly understand that our house is in fact a liablity, unless you are making an income from it. One of the basic points is understanding how to invest and where to invest. We need to learn how to increase our flow of passive income v/s active income. For help on how to differentiate we have a book for you below, so keep reading.


Second step is striving for entrepreneurship. In spite of living in an age of entrepreneurship, we still want to stick to our safe and secure jobs. The risk of entrepreneurship is too much to bear. But in this age of automation and robots, our jobs aren’t really safe but even if millennial do think about it, they lack the direction and knowledge to do so. Remember, the first step is yours and yours alone. But to help you along the way, you have motivational speakers, counselors and business coaches. Self help books and autobiographies of successful entrepreneurs will provide you a path to walk upon.

Stop dependence on plastic money

Third and final step, stop your dependence on plastic money – mainly credit cards. The easy availability of money often leads us to fall into the loan trap. It would be so much better if we could avoid it altogether but even if that’s not possible completely, we could reduce our dependece on it. We have many cases of people falling into credit card loan and paying interest forever. Lesser the amount of loan, lesser will be interest and lesser the burden. We will be free to live life to the fullest and follow your dreams and passions.

If you would like any help with the above, don’t forget to reach out to us. Also, there are a few links to the books given below which will help you in your journey. P.S. If you use the links to purchase, we will receive a small commission without any additional cost to you. Also we do not own copyright to any images. Only the content is our own.

Books below – Click anywhere on the name of the book to buy

  1. Rich Dad Poor Dad By Robert Kiyosaki
  2. Losing my Virginity by Richard Branson

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