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Firstly congratulations on being here. I welcome your commitment to learning something new and bettering your life. I have both good and bad news for you today. According to a MC Kinsey Global Institute report titled, ‘Jobs lost, jobs gained: Workforce transitions in a time of automation’, as many as 375 million workers or roughly 14 per cent of the global workforce may need to switch occupational categories. Due to disruptions like automation and digitization, by 2030 roughly 75 million to 375 million workers will need to change their jobs. To put this into perspective, that is 14 per cent of the global workforce. Technology is truly like the proverbial double edged sword. As most of the working population has learnt without doubt at some point in their career, re-skilling is here to stay.

The main skills needed to stay relevant

Acquiring new skills is the mantra to staying relevant in today’s world.
In the midst of all this, there are two skills that can prove useful and always stay relevant. Mastery of these skills would help you to not only stay relevant but also upgrade yourself.The first and most important skill is sales. No matter the amount of robotization and digitization, there will always be a need for human intervention in the field for sales. Learning sales teaches you many skills and its application is endless. Feeling stuck in a rut and not getting that promotion? Maybe it has nothing to do with your job potential and more to do with how you can’t sell yourself. Not being able to work in your desired career, dream job or college of your choice? Maybe you aren’t able to sell yourself in that interview. Unable to put across a valid and computing point to your management? Maybe it’s because you’re sending out the wrong signals though your body language. The answer again is sales.

Yes , a call center job can show you the way

Second job that can greatly get you that much desired job/interview/dream college is… WORKING IN A CALL CENTER. Yes, you read that right. A job that is looked down upon, it can greatly enhance your talking skills, presentation skills, fluency in English, pronunciation and so on. It teaches you to talk without breathing on the phone, get feedback on your conversation skills, teach you how to start and end a conversation. More precisely, it will teach you how to summarize your points and get it across without missing out on anything.

Dont forget to ask for help whenever needed.

So there you have it, the two most important jobs that anyone must do to possess those absolutely required skills. If you’re short on time, you can reach out to a professional trainer or motivational speaker. There are many such experts fitting every range and budget. Do not forget to ask for a demo and clarify all your doubts before finalizing the person.

If the above sounds interesting, you can reach out to me on the below details for consultation. Till next time and the next topic, see you all.

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